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Memcached Client Issue: inaccurate servers argument hint

Name: inaccurate servers argument hint
ID: 6
Project: Memcached Client
Type: Bug
Area: Documentation
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Patrick Boe
Created: 07/27/09 5:24 PM
Updated: 08/08/09 5:43 PM
Description: The servers argument to MemcachedFactory's init() method has the following hint:
comma delimited list of servers

This should actually read:
space delimited list of servers
History: Created by patrickboe (Patrick Boe) : 07/27/09 5:24 PM

Comment by shaynesweeney (Shayne Sweeney) : 08/08/09 5:43 PM

Updated by shaynesweeney (Shayne Sweeney) : 08/08/09 5:43 PM

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